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<strong>The 7 Most Important Marketing Trends for TikTok in 2023</strong>
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The 7 Most Important Marketing Trends for TikTok in 2023

If you want to stay ahead of the competition on TikTok, whether you're just starting or have been using the site for a while, you should follow the most popular marketing trends. Also, this post will provide you with some of the most prominent trends for 2023 that you may factor into your social media marketing approach. 2023's most important marketing trends for TikTok 1. Live video on TikTok will continue to rise in popularity. This marketing practice of live streaming on TikTok is here to stay. Why? Because in-app purchases from their streams significantly contribute to the platform's income. Donations to streamers can be sent in the form of coins. To that end, it stands to reason that TikTok will push live streams heavily. This is why they promote innovative funct...