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Instagram Promotion: An Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Instagram Promotion An Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Instagram promotion is essential for your brand to uplift your brand awareness and reach. Since Instagram is the best-performing social media network, nearly 1 billion active users show their presence every month, and 90% of Instagrammers follow at least one business profile. Another best reason to use Instagram for brand promotion is to provide a huge opportunity to build a close relationship with your potential audience. 

Many Instagram users actively engage with businesses, and the average engagement rate on Instagram is 1.6% per post. Therefore, Instagram promotion skyrocket your sales growth because 65% of consumers purchase products from brands after visiting their Instagram profile. 

According to the research, investing in paid promotion on Instagram can improve brand awareness, sales, and engagement rates. In this article, let’s see how to make the most of Instagram promotion for your business. 

What Is Instagram Promotion?

Instagram promotion is a certain type of marketing that converts regular posts, reels, and stories into paid ones. These promotions have higher visibility and greater engagement that works great for increasing brand awareness, reach, traffic, and sales conversions.

#1: Instagram Post Promotion

To start an Instagram post promotion:

  1. Go to your profile and choose the post that you would like to promote.
  2. Click the promote button and open the Setting menu of your campaign.
  3. Based on your business goals, set the right target page where you want to land your viewers. It may be growing followers, driving people to your profile, increasing sales, and website traffic. 

In the second step, select the Auto Settings option to show your Instagram post to the audiences similar to your potential followers. But, choose the criteria manually to get a better result for your business and attract new consumers to your business profile. 

In the final stage, Instagram allows businesses to set a daily budget and promotion duration from 1 to 30 days, showing an overview of your campaign. This is the whole process of setting up your Instagram promotion campaign for your post. 

#2: Instagram Reels Promotion

Reels is one of the fastest growing and the most important features of Instagram because many people watch Instagram reels for entertainment and discover new brands or business. Recently, Instagram added a new “Boost” promotion feature for reel videos that allows businesses to reach new audiences, drive engagement, traffic, and sales. 

Prepare high-quality and entertaining videos to improve the growth of reels likes and enhance your profile visibility with greater reach on Instagram. To gain the eligibility to boost your reels likes on Instagram, your content must be less than 60 seconds and have a 9: 16 ratio, which means reels must be in a vertical and full-screen format. 

You can boost your Instagram reels by selecting the reels in your profile grid and tapping the “Boost Post.” Promoting your Instagram reels is a great way to attract new audiences and expand your business reach among a wider audience. After running your Instagram reels ads, check your analytics and get a good idea from the best-performing post. 

#3: Instagram Stories Promotion

Setting up an Instagram promotional campaign for stories is similar to the post promotion, except the first step. Select the Instagram story or highlight that you want to promote. Then, tap the side menu at the bottom right corner and then select “Promote.” 

However, 500 million people watch Instagram stories every day. So investing in Instagram stories will expand your reach and business exposure. Take advantage of questions, quizzes, polls, and countdowns in your Instagram stories to make stories content more attractive and boost your potential audience to interact with them. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram promotion is the most effective way for a business to increase their visibility and get new leads. To make full use of this amazing feature, create eye catchy content and add promotional text and links to drive the audience to your target websites and increase sales conversions. After running your ads successfully, measuring your metrics through Instagram  analytics is important to create a better marketing campaign. 

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